Specializing in teaching women over 30 how to accentuate their natural beauty with everyday makeup.

Chelsea Krafchak


Option One. Makeup Audit!

Meet virtually or in person to dig into your existing makeup stash. We will chat and practice the application. I will make suggestions as to what to add or replace in your collection. Looking to save money? I can offer some great alternatives to high-end products. A personalized video tutorial will be sent to you after the visit.

$97 (Shopping services available as an add-on)

Option Two. Shopping Services.

Discovery call to evaluate your current collection and what you need. (60 minutes) I will place product orders, likely across multiple sites, to get exactly what you need. Once each order arrives, your makeup haul will be delivered to your doorstep! I will make any returns or exchanges. $97

Option Three. Makeup Lessons & Shopping Services.

Discovery call to discuss all things makeup. We will work together to understand what products can be added to your existing collection to help achieve your goals. I will then place the product order. Once the order comes in, we will meet so I can show you how to use your new product! We will decide what is working and what isn’t. I will make all returns or exchanges. Mixing new and old makeup $175- Personalized video tutorial included. (additional meetings available as add ons)

Group Rates Now Available!


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